Vineyard & Elaboration


A unique terroir

The Champagne terroir is unique. Its northerly location, harsh weather conditions, sloping landscape and the specificities of the subsoil define this multifaceted terroir. The art of assemblage, when it comes to Champagne, is to orchestrate each parcel, each village and each contrast in order to emphasise its unique nature.

The soil the terroir

“Every lasting achievement has been built slowly over time. Moreover, the time of wine, the same as the time of the land, unravels slowly…”
Alexandre Cornot

A strong believer of this statement, Brimoncourt took the time to build up slowly the relations that are absolutely essential to the implementation of a sustainable and qualitative procurement strategy. This relationship of trust with players in both business and vineyard sectors is the cornerstone of our strategy.

Viticulture & Expertise

With its careful supply selection method, Brimoncourt encourages integrated viticulture throughout the vine growing cycle: soil and vine nutrition, biodiversity preservation, balance of the vine and strengthening of its natural defenses. We can meet this requirement thanks to our slow-building development. Indeed, volume and accelerated growth play no part in our development strategy.

Blends & grape varieties

Our Chardonnays, characterised by their fine bubbles and their floral notes, are made from the finest vintages of the Sézanais and the Côte des Blancs. Our Pinots Noir and Pinots Meunier stem from the Montagne de Reims and the Marne Valley. François Huré, Chief Oenologist, strives to respect our Champagne terroir and is a master in the art of blending.