Brimoncourt Spirit of effervescence


Where the magic begins

For three centuries, Champagne has been synonym of fine tables, subtlety and inspired savoir-vivre… Brimoncourt is our tribute to these for-ever Champagne values: elegance, independence, sharing and lightness.

A daring move

This signature is that of a charming dissenter: Alexandre Cornot.
Passionate being, admirer of the terroir and Champagne lover, he breathes character and exigency into each and every one of the House’s creations.

A joyful expression

At Brimoncourt, we are proud of developing a lively and creative brand with strong personalities who share a common vision and passion for this wonderful wine that is Champagne. More than just a great wine, Brimoncourt is a way of being, inspired by free spirits: it is a chivalrous desire, a sophisticated response to convenience and boredom.

Cradle of Champagne

Our wines are born in Aÿ, in the historical heart of the Champagne vineyard, in nearly bicentenary buildings and gardens. This anchorage in Aÿ is also a promise and compels us to bring a special care to the selection of vines and grapes when creating the Brimoncourt wines.

Town and country…

Built in 1875, here is our Reims headquarters. Still dashing after 149 years.